Lifestyle Redesign, Moving Toward a Bohemian Lifestyle

Exactly three years ago, I wasn’t much more than another mindless zombie with no purpose in life. To spare you the gory details of how I ended up at what I called my own private hell, let’s just say things didn’t go according to plan.

Inside of the two-story condo that I rented I made a life-changing realization. My life had no meaning and there was no value to the work I was doing. On top of that, I was surrounded by material possessions that added no value to my life. I clearly needed to change some things. I was wasting too much time and energy focusing on the wrong aspects of life.

Career change

Got a Degree, Now What? OR How I Ended Up With a Job.

Five years and a half ago I embarked on an incredible journey to a foreign land. Today I stand showing off the three letters after my name. It’s a bit daunting being called doctor especially when the degree doesn’t mean much.

Instead of running off to join a hippie flock, which is a very appealing lifestyle, I decided I will be taking advantage of those three letters.

Pain in the butt dissertation

It only took me 24

Being held accountable for your actions means you have to deliver when you promise yourself something in front of others.
I promised myself a lot of things after meeting so many amazing individuals in June 2011.
I decided I was long overdue to finish school.